Travelix is a new mobile application that allows you plan your next vacation by giving you reviews, articles, and photos relevant to that area.
Role: Ideation, User Research, UX Design, Content Strategy, Prototyping, and Brand Identity
Tools: Figma, InVision, Maze, Google Forms
Duration: 8 weeks
Deliverables: Style Guide & Prototype



Currently, people use multiple websites and applications to gain insight about a new place that they are visiting. This process can be really overwhelming and hard to synthesize into understanding what you want to to do and information tends to be missing.


Travelix aims to be that new mobile application that centralizes all types of media for you to plan your dream location. Users have the ability to:

  • View articles, photos, and reviews within the platform
  • Create their own content
  • Organize your favorite content into collections to save for later.


Logo & Naming, Color, & Typography

Logo & Naming

I chose the name Travelix as a play on the word Travel and List. When you're planning a trip, you're typically making a list of places you want to travel. I did a mind mapping excercise to help get ideas on different names.

travelix mind map


I wanted Travelix to exude some sense of vibrancy while also being very minimalistic. The red and orange colors give off the sense of adventure while the brown/tannish colors give that base of calmness and reliability.

travelix color palette


My goals when choosing a font was to provide dramatic, bold text paired with subtle minimalistic text. Within the application we decided to use Abril Fatface and Josephin Sans because the bold, geometric shapes of Abril Fatface pairs well with the San-Serif font Josefin Sans to create a vibrant yet minimalistic look and feel.

travelix typography

Final Designs

High-Definition Mockups

From the wireframes and style guide we were able to bring our designs to life. We went through several iterations to get to the finalized solution that is clean, simple, accessible and solves our original problem. The prototype was created using Figma.

View Prototype