Society x Tech

Society x Tech is a monthly newsletter discussing the societal implications of technology trends through a hand-picked curation of articles, podcasts, books and interviews.
Role: UX Design, Content Strategy, Prototyping, Brand Identity, Web Development
Tools: Figma, Mailchimp, GatsbyJs
Duration: 4 weeks
Deliverables: Branding & Website
society x tech



Previously, for people to subscribe to the newsletter, they were redirected to a landing page on mailchimp. While, this got the job done, Society x Tech did not have it's own platform and there was minimal customization in what the landing page could look like.


This website design and development identifies Society x Tech as a consistent brand with it's own platform as well as:

  • Allow visitors to subscribe
  • Read previous issues
  • Read blog posts


Naming & Color


I chose the name Society x Tech (pronounced: Society by Tech) simply because the newsletter is discussing how society is impacted BY tech.


I chose green as the primary color because as green represents growth, it is my hope that from subscribers reading the newsletter, they would have growth in their own perspective. The other colors provide a sense of tranquility and stability.

society x tech color palette

Web Development

Final Website

Once I had an idea of what I wanted the website to look like and what I wanted the color to be. It was time to begin development. I used GatsbyJs an environment to build responsive static websites using React. Because of the additional blog component, I included a Content Management System (CMS) plugin that will allow content to be updated without it being through the code.

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