Hi! I'm Ademusoyo!

a designer and developer based in NYC.

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About Me

Why Design?


My interest and passion for design stems from my desire to pair creativity with science.To understand why and how people interact with products are some very complex problems that stretch my imagination and bring me out of my comfort zone.

With a background in both engineering and design, I can make sure your vision turns into a reality. I can make sure that the designs that I create are feasible when beginning to development work and/or developing it myself. My engineer side fuels my design and my designer side drives my software development.


What I do


Let me find the perfect color palette that captures your mood and elevates your brand.


Get a high-fidelity prototype to pass on to developers for your next ios app.

Web Development

Let me ensure that what you envision for your next website actually becomes a reality

Design Process

How I Work



I take the time to understand you're problem engaging and setting the tone for a collaborative experience.



Once I have an understanding of your problem, I provide you with a proposal of the steps needed to reach your solution. Once we're in agreement, we can begin the work.



Now, I start sketching and wireframing different ideas based on a combination of competitive analysis, user personas, and user flows.



Together, we use the wireframes/sketches to make sure we're on the same page. This could take a couple times, however, it isn't a problem.



Before we can bring our ideas to life, we need to determine a brand identity. Through this I will get a better understanding of what you want your product to be and construct different color palettes that I think would be a good fit in telling your story.



Now we bring our lo-fi wireframes with our color and real-life images. It's here that we will see how things will look on a phone or computer.



Finally, I develop functional prototypes and deliver finished products through frontend development.

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